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  • Thursday October 22, 2009:
    A new review on Bookworm's Lair: Jasper Fforde's "The Big Over Easy".
  • Saturday December 27, 2008:
    A late Christmas present: the review of A Redbird Christmas, a Christmas novel by Fannie Flagg. Which still can be read after Christmas!
    To all my visitors a very happy New Year and all the best for 2009 :-D.
  • Thursday November 6, 2008:
    Today for the first time I had to add a death date to a page of a Bookworm's Lair author: Michael Crichton passed away two days ago at the age of 66. He will be greatly missed for his scientific page-turners. I had just rediscovered his books and the review for "State of Fear" is still laying on my desk.
  • Saturday June 14, 2008:
    Some time has gone by since the last review of a Nicholas Sparks novel on Bookworm's Lair. So here is True Believer, his first 'mystery' novel and the first in a series about a couple from Boone Creek, North Carolina.

  • Sunday January 20, 2008:
    I discovered a new author who just had to be added to Bookworm's Lair: Diane Setterfield, author of "The Thirteenth Tale", the US-bestseller. I can only hope that Ms. Setterfield will continue to write more books like this one.

  • Friday January 4, 2008:
    The new year looks promising. In any case it starts with good intentions of updating this homepage more regularly. Let's begin with a new book review of "Narcissus in Chains" by Laurell K. Hamilton, the 10th installment of the Anita Blake series.

    To all visitors of Bookworm's Lair and doroundjuergen.de a very happy and readable New Year 2008 :-D

  • Saturday March 17, 2007:
    Its not as if I didn't write a lot of reviews. It just sometimes takes some time to get them online. That's what happened with "Dead as a Doornail" by Charlaine Harris. The review was written in June 2006 directly after finishing the book. But then it took me nine months to get it on the Harris-homepage. Some people take as long as that to deliver a baby ;-).
  • Thursday March 1, 2007:
    And the next review on Bookworm's Lair is coming right up: Clive Barker's "Coldheart Canyon". Not entirely positive, but a nice read anyways. Especially for his die-hard fans!
  • Wednesday February 28, 2007:
    On March 11, 2007 airs the pilot of "Blood Ties", a new TV series based on Tanya Huff's "Blood Books" with detective Vicki Nelson and vampire Henry Fitzroy. Therefore I've updated my Bookworm's Lair site on Tanya Huff and added some new links regarding the TV series and Ms. Huff's Blog.
  • Saturday February 20, 2007:
    At long last a new review on Bookworm's Lair. The lucky winner is Diana Gabaldon and her latest (last year's) bestseller "A Breath of Snow and Ashes". As always I promise to better myself and update more regularly. I'll do my very best!
  • Sunday September 3, 2006:
    I added a nice little feature to the Diana Gabaldon website: just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find a map (provided by clustrmaps.com) which shows where the visitors to this site come from. You're not alone! Wow, many thanks to all my international visitors. I had no idea, and this map is only showing data for two weeks now.
  • Wednesday April 12, 2006:
    After seven years we needed a new guestbook. There were just too many spam entires and the company didn't do anything about it. Now we have to start again from scratch. Have you written a good guestbook entry lately?? ;-)
  • Wednesday November 2, 2005:
    You had to wait until November for a new review to come at Bookworm's Lair. At least fitting for Halloween its something from horror-queen Poppy Z. Brite, which is really worth your while: "Drawing Blood".
  • Monday July 25, 2005:
    I don't like to do it but from time to time I have to trash a book at Bookworm's Lair. This time it affects one of my (otherwise) favourite authors: Douglas Coupland and his early novel "Shampoo Planet".
  • Tuesday July 12, 2005:
    After all those horror novels here is something new from a different genre at Bookworm's Lair: the family story "Fligth Lessons" by Patricia Gaffney.
  • Friday July 8, 2005:
    At Bookworm's Lair a new volume of the Anita Blake-series by Laurell K. Hamilton is up: "Obsidian Butterfly". And its a good one!
  • Friday June 24, 2005:
    The novels by Dean Koontz seem to be the right lecture for new mothers. At least I immediately thought of a review for one of them when I had some time for myself today. Take a look at "From the Corner of his Eye" which is recommended also to non-parents.
  • Tuesday April 12, 2005:
    After a long long time of silence here's something new which has never been done before at Bookworm's Lair: A new author page with THREE reviews. The lucky author is Christopher Moore and the reason for this once was his new Christmas novel 'The Stupidest Angel' last December. That's somewhat outdated now but the rest of his novels is worth reading the whole year through ... until next Christmas!
  • Wednesday November 24, 2004:
    The next review is online in record time. With a newborn baby you have to use your free time whenever there's an hour available ;-). This time its all about one of the latest works of Dean Koontz, "One Door away from Heaven" ... a terrific page-turner.
  • Saturday November 20, 2004:
    I'm starting to get used to living with a newborn baby and therefore I'm able to squeeze in a new review again. The honor goes to Charlaine Harris and the fourth installment of her 'Southern Vampire Series', "Dead to the World".
  • Wednesday October 13, 2004:
    I guess a summary of all recent updates is necessary. In September I stopped updating the bestseller lists and the book questionnaire at Bookworm's Lair. I can no longer keep the sites up to date because on September 22 our son was born: Vincent. Of course he has his own website: http://bembound.doroundjuergen.de (German language only, sorry) and today I added some new pictures to the site.
  • Sunday August 22, 2004:
    Today's Bookworm's Lair review is about a so-called 'backlist' title: "Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man" is the first novel from author Fannie Flagg from 1992. In the meantime she has become world-famous with "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe".
  • Sunday August 15, 2004:
    Sometimes it seems that I only read old stuff, but I don't ;-). Today I can recommend "Sam's Letters to Jennifer", the new lovestory from James Patterson. Right now after six weeks still at number 6 on the New York Times bestseller list.
  • Friday July 30, 2004:
    A new author to look out for if you're a fan of the horror genre: Brian Keene. His zombie-novel 'The Rising' is just incredible.
  • Monday May 24, 2004:
    After quite some time finally a new author at Bookworm's Lair: Ann Patchett, a review of her great novel "Bel Canto", her complete bibliography and excerpts.
  • Monday April 19, 2004:
    Today I've added a review of one of the first books by Alessandro Baricco, written 1993, but by no means old: "Ocean Sea".
  • Sunday April 11, 2004:
    On the Venice multimedia-page I have added the location info from the movie "The Wings of the Dove". Its a great movie which shows a lot of the town.
  • Friday April 9, 2004:
    The easter bunny was already there and he brought a new review of "Survivor" by Chuck Palahniuk. Happy Easter everyone!
  • Thursday February 26, 2004:
    Long overdue: the review of "Lord John and the Private Matter" by Diana Gabaldon.
  • Monday February 16, 2004:
    A new week, a new review. Let's see how long I can keep this up ;-). This time its a book which I didn't like: "Blue Moon" by Laurell K. Hamilton.
  • Tuesday February 10, 2004:
    Finally something's happening again at Bookworm's Lair ;-). A lot of reviews are waiting for publication. The next one is about "By the Light of the Moon" by Dean Koontz.
  • Monday February 2, 2004:
    It took me quite some time but here it is: The review of Anne Rice's "Blood Canticle".
  • Wednesday January 14, 2004:
    Three more movies which take place more or less in Venice have been added, including location infos. To be found on the Venice Multimedia page.
  • Wednesday January 7, 2004:
    Just back from Venice, Italy we had another look at some movies which are playing in this beautiful town, to make a list of the used locations. We're starting with "Don't look now" and "The talented Mr. Ripley". Just click on 'Movie Locations' underneath the DVD/Video-cover.
  • Sunday November 2, 2003:
    The novel "Microserfs" by Douglas Coupland is about the internet-hype of the 90s, and even though Coupland wrote it seven years ago and the hype is long gone, its still interesting and worth reading. Find out more at Bookworm's Lair.
  • Sunday October 4, 2003:
    In time for the release of the German version Bookworm's Lair has the review of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" by J.K. Rowling.
  • Sunday September 28, 2003:
    When you travel around the whole of Germany from one Wolfsheim-concert to another you don't have much time for reviews. But from time to time I have a few minutes left ... this time for a review of "Nights in Rodanthe" by Nicholas Sparks, who just now takes the US bestseller list again by storm with his newest release "The Wedding".
  • Sunday August 10, 2003:
    Right before a small two-week summer break at Bookworm's Lair there's a new review: "Blood Trail" by Tanya Huff.

  • Sunday August 3, 2003:
    New pictures from San Francisco: When I was there last month I took three new pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and one of Union Square. Take a look!

  • Saturday August 2, 2003:
    Six weeks have gone by since the last review at Bookworm's Lair. Quite some time! But in the meantime I've been to the States and brought back some new vampire-novels, e.g. by Christopher Golden and Cheri Scotch. I'm anxious to read them myself. But today its all about a well-known author (at least here at Bookworm's Lair): Charlaine Harris and "Club Dead", the third part of the Southern Vampire series.

  • Sunday June 15, 2003:
    A genre-premiere at Bookworm's Lair: The first real erotic novel which is reviewed here. But its by a well-known author: Anne Rice's "Exit to Eden".

  • Sunday June 1, 2003:
    This weekend summer came to town. Time for a good summer-vacation-novel. And because I already had my beach vacation in April I brought something to recommend to you: "Full House" by Janet Evanovich.

  • Sunday May 25, 2003:
    At Bookworm's Lair there's the second murder-mystery-review in a row, but I won't make a habit out of it. This time its James Patterson's "2nd Chance".

  • Sunday May 18, 2003:
    The 51st author who gets an author page at Bookworm's Lair is Kathy Reichs. I must have missed the anniversary last week :-(. I read "Dèjà Dead" by Ms. Reichs and can highly recommend it.

  • Saturday May 10, 2003:
    Bookworm's Lair has a new author-page for a woman whose debut-novel has received a lot of attention last year: Ann Packer's "The Dive from Clausen's Pier".

  • Saturday April 26, 2003:
    This month Laurell K. Hamilton has already published the 11th part of the Anita Blake series, entitled "Cerulean Sins". I'm only up to number 7. So here is the review for "Burnt Offerings".

  • Wednesday April 2, 2003:
    Before I start my 3-week vacation I added a new author page. Neil Gaiman is finally included in the list of reviewed authors at Bookworm's Lair and you'll find reviews for "Stardust" and "American Gods".
    On Sunday (4-6) I'll do an update of the bestseller lists and then it's off to Kenya. More news after 4-22. Jambo!

  • Thursday March 13, 2003:
    Bookworm's Lair has another new author site, but this time it's someone very popular who has an incredibly long bibliography (many thanks to the owner of the website Moonlight Bay from who's work I was able to profit): I'm talking about Dean Koontz, whose books I've read before but whose novel "The Door to December" is the first one reviewed here. The rest (which I could remember) is represented with a 'Little Worm'.

  • Tuesday March 4, 2003:
    Instead of celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orelans I wrote a new review for Bookworm's Lair. Have you already heard of "The Eyre Affair" by Jasper Fforde? If not then have a look.

  • Saturday March 1, 2003:
    It's hard to categorize the books of Lawrence Norfolk. Are they history or fantastic fiction? Make up your own mind on "In the Shape of a Boar".

  • Monday February 17, 2003:
    Bookworm's Lair - Fortunately as good as the first part of the "Southern Vampire Series" by Charlaine Harris: "Living Dead in Dallas", a new adventure of Sookie Stackhouse and Bill, the Vampire.

  • Saturday January 25, 2003:
    Bookworm's Lair offers a new review in sharp contrast to last weeks topic: It's about the acclaimed horror-novel "Lullaby" by Chuck Palahniuk. What happens when nursery-rhymes turn deadly?

  • Friday January 17, 2003:
    Bookworm's Lair has a review of a good novel for long weekends by Fannie Flagg: "Standing in the Rainbow", the follow-up to "Welcome to the World, Baby Girl".

  • Sunday January 12, 2003:
    The Florence-website is one of our most visited sites and after three years it was time for a new look (the site is online since September 99). More pictures, more tipps and more beautiful sites. Greetings to all Florence fans out there!

  • Friday January 3, 2003:
    "Prey" by Michael Crichton is at the top of the US bestseller lists but at Bookworm's Lair it doesn't rank that high. Read here why.

  • Sunday December 15, 2002:
    At Bookworm's Lair you can read a new review of the beautiful novel by Italian Alessandro Baricco: "Land of Glass". This may well be the last new entry before the Christmas holidays, so I wish all visitors of doroundjuergen.de a very happy and peaceful Christmas.
  • Thursday December 5, 2002:
    The annual November ritual had to be postponed until December because of an illness: the review of the new Anne Rice-novel "Blackwood Farm", the 9th installment of the Vampire Chronicles, at Bookworm's Lair.
  • Saturday November 23, 2002:
    Just in time before your regular family-madness starts around Christmas here's the perfect book on the subject at Bookworm's Lair: "All families are psychotic" by Douglas Coupland. After reading it your own family doesn't seem so bad after all.
  • Sunday November 10, 2002:
    New review at Bookworm's Lair: "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold. A wonderful book which should be on everybodys christmas wishlist.
  • Friday November 1, 2002:
    After adding lots of sample chapters to the bibliographies there's a new review at Bookworm's Lair: "The Summons" by John Grisham ... unfortunately a complete waste of time.
  • Wednesday October 16, 2002:
    At Bookworm's Lair there's at last a new review of a vampire-novel, and it's a really good one: "Dead until Dark" by Charlaine Harris.
  • Sunday October 13, 2002:
    New Venice-pictures of the Doge Palace/Palazzo Ducale.
  • Wednesday October 9, 2002:
    A rare occasion at Bookworm's Lair but sometimes it has to be: A review of a book I didn't like at all. It's "Instances of the Number 3" by Salley Vickers.
  • Sunday September 29, 2002:
    The travel reports from Florence, Venice, New Orleans and San Francisco now have their own main page: Expeditions.
  • Saturday September 28, 2002:
    When the evenings are starting to get longer again one nees something nice to read. I've discovered Sue Monk Kidd's novel "The Secret Life of Bees" and can highly recommend it.
    And, of course, the bestseller lists have been updated again.
  • Friday August 30, 2002:
    I had a lot of time to read while on vacation. Therefore there's a new review on Bookworm's Lair of the romantic drama "A Bend in the Road" by Nicholas Sparks.
  • Thursday August 15, 2002:
    A new review at Bookworm's Lair before my summer-break: "1st to die" by James Patterson. The next update (including bestseller lists) will be available in two weeks.
  • Thursday August 8, 2002:
    Some things take their time and you can't explain why. For example the English version of the Florence website. After only three years its live now.. Of course it has the same content as the well known German version ;-)
  • Sunday August 4, 2002:
    At first it was only planned to make a short review of "Miss Garnet's Angel" by Salley Vickers on the Venice Multimedia-page, but then I liked the book so much that I added Ms. Vickers as the 42nd author to Bookworm's Lair.
  • Thursday July 11, 2002:
    At Bookworm's Lair I'll offer you a review of a slightly older book by one of my favourite authors: "Miss Wyoming" by Douglas Coupland.
  • Saturday June 22, 2002:
    The current US summer bestseller: Read the review of "The Nanny Diaries" by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus at Bookworm's Lair.
  • Sunday June 9, 2002:
    Bookworm's Lair doesn't really have a new review of your typical summer-novel but one where you can feel the summer heat of New Orleans on all pages: in the third part of the historical Benjamin January-series "Graveyard Dust" by Barbara Hambly.
  • Tuesday May 7, 2002:
    Today there are new pictures of the bridges, streets and churches of Venice.
  • Monday May 6, 2002:
    New pictures from Venice have been added. This time to the Piazza San Marco-section.
  • Sunday May 5, 2002:
    After quite some time there's a new author-page at Bookworm's Lair: James Patterson is featured with his complete bibliograpy and a review of his wonderful novel "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas". More on Patterson to follow soon!
  • Monday April 15, 2002:
    Moving from one appartement into another can keep you away from the computer for quite some time. More so when the computer breaks down in the process. But now it's all up and running again and the bookreviews at Bookworm's Lair can continue. Today with the long overdue review of Diana Gabaldon's "The Fiery Cross".
  • Sunday February 24, 2002:
    At Bookworm's Lair there's a new review: "Dreamcatcher" by Stephen King. He just knows how to frighten people!
  • Sunday January 20, 2002:
    There are new Venice pictures, especially regarding "Canal Grande and the Bay of Venice" and "Palazzi in Venice". More additions will follow soon!
  • Sunday January 13, 2002:
    Bookworm's Lair has a new additon for fans of vampire-novels: "Blood Price" by Tanya Huff.
  • Monday January 7, 2002:
    The peaceful christmas season is over (at least at Bookworm's Lair). Time for some new vampires, zombies and fairies from L.K. Hamilton's fifth Anita Blake-novel "Bloody Bones".

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