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Our wedding on June 26th, 1999

Doro and Jürgen       St. Martin church

Our wedding was the reason for starting this homepage in the first place. Originally there were a lot more sites, to refresh the memories of those who've attended and to show those people who haven't been there what they've missed. This page shows the highlights of the ceremony and the party afterwards. Have fun!

The official ceremony at St. Martin's church in Euskirchen (Germany)

Karl and Doro Ute, Doro, Mechthild Jürgen, Doro, Ute, Peter Doro and Jürgen Mechthild, Doro, Jürgen, Marie-Luise Blessing of rice

The party at the Landgasthaus Steinsmühle in Bad Münstereifel (Germany)

Guests arriving Annemie and Thilo Garden Garden The wedding cake

The walz and other dances

Wedding walz Dancing Jumping

The "Schlager-Herzblatt-Show" (I guess there's no translation for this)

Peter Maike Michaela Body contact
All together now! Doro and Jürgen Award ceremony The first price

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