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Who are Doro, Jürgen and Vincent?

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Name  Dorothée Büttgen   XING Jürgen Kucklinski   XING Vincent Kucklinski
born on   September 5, 1967 May 18, 1965 September 22, 2004
born in  Cologne Euskirchen Munich
Vocational training  University degree in economics Industrie-Kaufmann still growing
Profession  Business Development Manager Father Nuisance
Current employment  allesklar.com AG (meinestadt.de)    
Hobbies  Books, Homepage Design, Wolfsheim & Depeche Mode, Movies Reading Doro's books, cooking, movie history, Paleontology Climbing, watching DVDs, books and computer games
Favourite movie  Interview with the Vampire Star Wars Robots
Recently played on last.fm: BookwormsLair's Profile Page  
eMail-Addresses  doro[at]doroundjuergen.de juergen[at]doroundjuergen.de vincent[at]doroundjuergen.de 

Our mutual way until now:
  • we both have been to the Marienschule in Euskirchen
  • we met 1986 in a little bistro called 'Tiffany' or in Mrs. Kleiber's bookshop in Euskirchen (depending on whom you're asking)
  • we are an item since April 15, 1986
  • we are engaged since June 26 1988
  • we lived together in Hamburg in 1987/88
  • we moved together in 1992, after Doros stay at the University of Marburg, and lived for four years in Gelsenkirchen, where Doro made her degree in economics at the University of Essen and Jürgen completed his education at Siemens to become an 'Industriekaufmann'.
  • after Doro completed here stay in Stuttgart to work at Reader's Digest Germany we now live together in Munich since October 1998
  • we were legally married on June 26, 1998 and since it was working quite well we had a really big church-wedding on June 26, 1999.
  • the wedding was the initial reason to build this homepage. But since its is over now for quite some time the wedding will start to drift into the background of this homepage. Instead there will be a lot of other interesting things to see here.

Bye bye Entchen

Die Ente
07-24-1987 - 04-20-2000

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